Films & Events

Montclair State University – Nov. 1st

The Finishers with post film discussion panel

To bond with his father, Julien, a 17 year old with cerebral palsy, challenges him to compete in the Ironman triathlon.

post film discussion panel with
Joan Vidra co- founder of the Bergen County chapter of Achilles, veteran marathoner.

Clain Thomson-DiPalma- Master exercise instructor for Easter Seals and co developer of the Be Well and Thrive program

Mark Farrell- NYC radio talk show host, motivational speaker, and Triathlon competitor

Montclair State University – Nov. 2nd

Margarita with a Straw and post film discussion with Ali Stroker

Funky, coming of age tale of Laila, a Punjabi teen, aspiring writer and secret wheelchair rebel with cerebral palsy, who leaves India for NY to attend NYU. Bold and brave portrait of love, identity and sexuality.

Ali Stoker -Broadway actress who recently played the role of Anna in the revival of Spring Awakening. Ali was a finalist on season two of The Glee Project and then played Artie’s love interest on GLEE.

Montclair State University – Nov. 3rd

No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie

A deaf actor who plays a superhero on television, influences a deaf boy to redefine what “being normal” means. (79 min.)

post film performance and discussion with

Silent NO MORE

In this theatrical documentary sponsored by No Limits for deaf children, individuals showcase their experiences of growing up with a hearing loss. This intimate evening wraps up with a Q&A between the audience and cast. Cast members include: Alexis Cohen, Liz Davidson, Henry Greenfield, Kim Weinstock

Kathy Buckley

Billed as “America’s First Hearing Impaired Comedienne” and a five time American Comedy Award Nominee as Best Stand-Up Female Comedienne, Kathy has been the spokesperson for No Limits for the past 20 years

JCC MetroWest

Shooting Beauty – Oct. 30th 

Shooting Beauty tells the story of fashion photographer Courtney Bent whose career takes an unexpected turn when she discovers a hidden world of beauty at a center for people living with significant disabilities.

post-screening discussion with Rick Guidotti

On Beauty – Oct. 30th 

Photographer Rick Guidotti left the fashion world along with its restrictive parameters of the industry’s standard of beauty and re-focused his lens on those too often relegated to the shadows.


This documentary follows the personal journeys of a group of high school students who have been identified as “twice exceptional”.

A Blind Hero: The Love of Otto Weidt – Nov. 5th

This docu-drama tells the story of a blind factory owner, Otto Weidt.  Award-winning journalist and author, Inge Deutschkron, provides her incredible personal account of Weidt’s shrewd efforts to save her, her mother, and the rest of his employees from the Nazis.


Mary and Max

Mary and Max, a claymation film about life and relationships for Max, a New Yorker with Asperger’s Syndrome, and Mary, his young pen pal from Australia-based on a true story and featuring the voice of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Lost and Sound 

One out of seven people will experience hearing loss in their lifetime. For music critic Nick Coleman, dancer Emily Thornton, and pianist Holly Loach, music and hearing were central to their lives and spirits pre-hearing loss. Lost and Sound follows these artists after they lost their hearing and as they journeyed deep into sound and silence to re-discover music.

Post Film Discussion 

200 people attended and engaged with the post film discussion with:

Arlene Romoff– author of Hear Again- Back to Life with a Cochlear Implant and Listening Closely: A Journey to Bilateral Hearing 

Nancy M. Williams – motivational speaker, writer, pianist, hearing health advocate and Founding Editor of the online magazine, Grand Piano Passion

Opening Night Party

With over 300 people in attendance, this event was amazing! Thank you to our sponsors and venue.

Special Guests

Post Film Discussion Panel Including:

Dr. Gerard Costa- Founding Director for the Center on Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health

Dr. Alicia Broderick- Associate professor in the Department of Early Childhood, elementary  Education and Literacy Education
Laura Shapanus- Film maker, Writer producer actor and mother of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome
Moderated by Dr. Elaine Gerber-Associate Professor and Disability Scholar, Dept of Anthropology


Films & Events

The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes 

Alex’s high opinion of himself isn’t backed up by reality as he is unemployed and having trouble with his girlfriend. When he finally gets a job with the local council/municipality of Hudiksvall his life is about to change. Suddenly Alex finds himself the leader of a local theatre group of people with learning difficulties. Through their work together, Alex comes to appreciate that we all have our own talents which can grow if given the opportunity and support. “The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes” is based on the work of the Glada Hudik Theatre whose performances have met with success in Sweden and internationally since it was formed in 1996.

Special Guests

Mary Archbold in “Jazz Hand”

“JazzHand” is a short film about an unexpected event during the audition for a dance piece, starring Mary Archbold.  Mary is a dancer who lives in NY. Mary Archbold joined us on opening night for an entertaining and thought provoking post film discussion about her experiences.